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Make money off your closet with Cloudset
We accept luxury and premium brands for realization through rental and/or resale. We rent items out, place them on sale or exchange them for special rewards on new purchases.

Rent it out
Put it up for sale
Exchange for bonuses
How it works
Submit an application

It will take less than 5 minutes. We will contact you and agree on the price and terms of service.

Hand over your items

Prepare your clothes, bags or accessories - our courier will pick them up for free at the convenient time.

Wait for confirmation

We'll check the items for compliance, put them on the website and add points on your account (if the item is in trade-in).

Make a profit

3-7 days after renting or selling we will credit your card. You can track the rental and resale statistics for each item in your personal account.

Your earnings breakdown example

Red dress
Retail price:
5720 AED
The dress will earn you profit every time it is rented. We accrue money on your bank account 3 days after the rental is complete.
You earn:
549 AED
* 4 days rental, our comission is 40%
Put the dress for sale through Cloudset. You will be credited 7 days after it is purchased.
You earn:
4576 AED
* our comission is 20%
Exchange this dress for bonuses that can be used to pay for next orders or collected for special loyalty programs with Cloudset.
You earn:
5720 bonus points
Items that we accept

We do not work with fakes and check all items for authenticity. It is desirable (but not obligatory) to provide a receipt or order confirmation from the store where the given item was purchased.

Your items must be:

  • in luxury or premium category;
  • come in good condition;
  • without visible signs of wear and use;
  • without serious defects
You can check if your brand is represented on platforms like,,,,,

We will take pictures of an item

We will provide presentable photos before posting them on the website.

We guarantee safe-keeping and integrity

We store items in our own secure warehouse and deliver them accurately on time.

We ensure garment treatment and cleaning

We undertake thorough care, control and cleaning after every rental, and compensate for damage.

We will save you the trouble

We and provide end-to-end services at every step: from communication with the customer up until the delivery and subsequent return.

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