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Each order comes with bonus points

In order to activate the loyalty program, just place an order at Cloudset - up to 20% of order value will return to you in bonuses, which can be spent to pay for new orders or collected for special loyalty rewards. Points are credited 3 days after returning the rented clothing and 7 days after purchase.
1 bonus = 1 AED
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All accumulated bonuses are non-expiring - you can continue to accumulate them at any time
The more points, the bigger the cashback
From first order

Silver level

10% cashback

From 1,000 points

Gold level

15% cashback

+100 birthday points

From 2,000 points

Platinum level

20% cashback

+200 birthday points


  • Bonus points can be used to pay up to 30% of the cost of the order, irrespective of the order amount
  • Transition to the next level occurs by accumulating points
  • Points are not credited for promotional items and items that come with a discount
  • Points cannot be applied together with promo codes


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