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Payment and delivery

Free delivery within Dubai for orders at 750 AED and more

The courier will give time to try items on - 20 minutes. If the selection doesn't fit, you can return it immediately.

The rental price includes returns, dry cleaning and minor repairs. For orders decline or cancellation at the delivery stage incurs charges of 60 AED. The shipping cost for orders with a total purchase or rental amount of less than 750 AED is 30 AED.

We offer same-day delivery if the order is placed on weekdays before 02:00pm*
Express delivery within 3 hours – 120 AED*

*Only if couriers are available. Unfortunately, not all couriers are always available, especially on holidays. However, if you really need something, we can come up with a solution.


Our service offers a subscription model, which would require you to link your card details to pay for orders. This is necessary for rental extensions or item buyouts. After a successful payment a receipt with the order information is sent to your email. We do not store and pass your card details to third parties. Payment is made via a Stripe online acquiring service. The payment process is protected by PCI DSS, which guarantees safety against intruders.

We work without a deposit, but in some cases we might require it - for example, if a client doesn't pass a document check. The deposit amount is determined based on the recommendations of the Sumsub service. The deposit refund can take up to 30 days, the timeframes will depend on the bank that issued the card.


Returning the rented items is simple: just request a return through your personal account or the Support Service. Returns are free. We will pick up clothes in Dubai on the same day if you request for a return before 02:00 pm Dubai time

Purchased items can be returned no later than 7 days after receiving your order. After checking the item condition, the money will be returned to your card.


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