Cleaning guarantee

Before an item is delivered to you, it goes through some or all of the following steps:

1. Wet, dry, steam cleaning and spot removal

2. Steam treatment

3. Quality control

4. Packaging

An item is ready for delivery

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1. Wet, dry cleaning and spot removal

Different cleaning methods are used depending on the garment and the type of pollution. We trust our assortment to the proven provider - Washmen. Biodegradable detergents free of artificial flavours and zeolites are used in the cleaning process.

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2. Steam treatment

After thorough cleaning, most items are steam treated at 120° C to 150° C for additional disinfection.

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3. Quality Control

The Cloudset team conducts an additional quality control. We check how thoroughly the clothes has been cleaned and inspect it for damage. If a seam has come apart or a button has come off, the item is sent for repair.

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4. Packing

Before delivery, we re-inspect the clothing and steam it to remove any remaining creases. Then we pack the clothes and pass it for delivery.

All clothing is delivered in signature textile packaging made of sustainable cotton

The bags, pouches, and sacks of varying degrees of density are made from organic cotton (cotton grown without the use of pesticides, fertilizers, and with minimal use of pollutants). The bags are very durable and have excellent air permeability. The material is reusable and easy to clean and handle.
It's always clean
We thoroughly clean bags, pouches and hangers after each use
It's reusable
It is a small act that helps keep the planet clean and save natural resources
And protected from moisture
For deliveries in bad weather, we ensure additionally packaging in water-proof thick bags

Return your orders in our signature packaging if possible :)

We encourage our customers to return orders and hangers in our signature durability-tested “cloud” packaging, so we can cut down on excess packaging production

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When placing an order, select the "Add Protection" option under the items list. The order amount will be automatically recalculated. Complete the order checkout. Protection will take effect as soon as you receive the items.

If items have been significantly damaged or stained during the rental period, up to 90% of the cost of repairs or complicated dry cleaning will be paid by Cloudset. In order to do this, you need to select the Protection option when placing your order. The cost of protection will be equal to 20% of the order amount.

Significant damage is a tear in the fabric; difficult to remove or non-removable stains; a noticeable absence of decorative elements. It is a wear-and-tear that will require substantial repairs and complex dry cleaning. Significant damage can be insured against by selecting the Protect option at checkout.

Minor damage covers minor defects arising from the items usage. These defects would require standard dry-cleaning services within 250 AED range (cosmetic and concealer marks, scuffs, removable food/alcohol stains) or minor cosmetic repairs (a torn button, broken zipper, ripped seam, lost sequins - if the dress is intricately embellished).

If the item is slightly damaged, you shouldn’t worry. There's no need to wash it or repair it, Cloudset will fix everything. Dry cleaning and minor repairs are already included in the rental price. The cost of fixing minor damage is our responsibility. In order to protect your belongings from significant damage, loss or theft, choose the Protection option at checkout - with it you'll pay up to 10% of the damage amount.

No, changing the appearance of the item is not allowed. This would be considered as damage to the item, and the would have to pay for it.

We steam items thoroughly before delivery and make sure they don't get wrinkled on the way. If a garment does get wrinkled, a steamer set at the lowest temperature will help remove the wrinkles. If you don't have a steamer, contact us and we'll suggest the best way to iron the garment.

You don't have to clean things yourself - we'll do it all for you! Don't worry, even if a stain is left on your clothes, dry cleaning is already included into the rental price.

All of our packaging, including bags, pouches, bags and hangers, is thoroughly cleaned after each use. The cleaning process is also designed to eliminate influenza viruses and COVID-19.

All our items are stored and delivered in textile cotton packaging, a sturdy fabric bag made from organic cotton. This is cotton grown without the use of pesticides, fertilizers and with minimal use of pollutants, which meets such international standards as OCS (Organic Content Standard) and GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard). These bags and of varying degrees of density are easy to carry, have a large carrying capacity, are durable and allow air to pass through. The material is reusable and easy to clean and handle. When delivered in bad weather, items are additionally packed in waterproof thick bags.

After each rental, we clean eyeglasses and jewelry with a 70% isopropyl alcohol solution; bags and accessory packaging are cleaned with a universal disinfectant.

After most rentals, items are thoroughly dry-cleaned and hand-cleaned professionally using biodegradable detergents. Most garments are steamed at 120° C to 150° C for additional cleaning of dirt and viruses. Dry cleaning services are provided by our partner Washmen.

Each item and accessory is carefully inspected by the cleaning advisor to make sure it is ready for rental. Items are inspected for damage, quality of cleaning, and repaired if necessary (for example, if a button has come off or a seam has come apart).