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Cleaning guarantee

Before an item is delivered to you, it goes through some or all of the following steps:

1. Wet, dry, steam cleaning and spot removal


2. Steam treatment


3. Quality control


4. Packaging

An item is ready for delivery

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1. Wet, dry cleaning and spot removal

Different cleaning methods are used depending on the garment and the type of pollution. We trust our assortment to the proven provider - Washmen. Biodegradable detergents free of artificial flavours and zeolites are used in the cleaning process.

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2. Steam treatment

After thorough cleaning, most items are steam treated at 120° C to 150° C for additional disinfection.

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3. Quality Control

The Cloudset team conducts an additional quality control. We check how thoroughly the clothes has been cleaned and inspect it for damage. If a seam has come apart or a button has come off, the item is sent for repair.

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4. Packing

Before delivery, we re-inspect the clothing and steam it to remove any remaining creases. Then we pack the clothes and pass it for delivery.

All clothing is delivered in signature textile packaging made of sustainable cotton

The bags, pouches, and sacks of varying degrees of density are made from organic cotton (cotton grown without the use of pesticides, fertilizers, and with minimal use of pollutants). The bags are very durable and have excellent air permeability. The material is reusable and easy to clean and handle.
It's always clean
We thoroughly clean bags, pouches and hangers after each use
It's reusable
It is a small act that helps keep the planet clean and save natural resources
And protected from moisture
For deliveries in bad weather, we ensure additionally packaging in water-proof thick bags

Return your orders in our signature packaging if possible :)

We encourage our customers to return orders and hangers in our signature durability-tested “cloud” packaging, so we can cut down on excess packaging production

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