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Delivery and returns

Don't worry, we'll make sure to pick up the order! Our couriers continue to work with the returns on holidays

You can request for a purchase return from your personal account, through the Helpdesk, or match returns with the rental order delivery. The terms for purchased items returns is 7 days from the date of the order receipt.

Third-party receipt is acceptable if the items in the order are placed for a buyout. Orders for rental can only be accepted or returned by the person in whose name the order was placed. Given the high retail value of items and the associated risks of non-returns, only verified customers who have confirmed their identity can rent items. Moreover, keep in mind that at the moment of the item receipt you will need to tell the courier the confirmation code, which will have arrived to the phone number specified in the registration.

We deliver orders daily from 10:00 am to 08:00 pm.

Delivery is free and is already included in the order price. However, the minimum order amount is 150 AED. If the courier has already left the fulfillment center and has to be cancelled, the delivery cost will have to be paid. It amounts to 80 AED rubles In Dubai.

All orders are delivered in our original packaging, which helps to keep the items clean and tidy. We carefully inspect your order before handing it over for delivery, but we recommend checking it upon receipt. If you identify damage, return the item to the courier or contact us - we'll do everything we can to help.

Yes, you can choose any convenient address. For example, you can order delivery to your office or to the hotel.

In order to receive your order, you need to confirm it to the courier with an SMS code. The code will arrive to the phone number you specified when completing the registration. You do not need to sign any additional documents If you have already gone through the document verification when placing the order.

Yes, if you call the courier before 02:00pm. Same-day returns are available only in Dubai

Currently, we only deliver orders in Dubai area and other emirates for resale. However, rental delivery in UAE will definitely appear in the near future.

Try-on is free of charge. The courier will wait for up to 20 minutes. You can reject items that don't fit and pay only for the ones you like.

Yes, just give all the items back to the courier. You would only have to pay the delivery fee.

Yes, we will deliver items on the day of order request if the order is placed before 03:00 pm and the delivery is within Dubai. Orders placed after 03:00 pm are delivered on the next day.

Returning rented items is very simple: just call our courier at a convenient time. The returns, like the deliveries are free. We recommend returning clothes, bags and accessories in our original packaging. Fold your items and hand them over to the courier. Done! You can make a request for a return in the Orders section of your personal account, or by contacting us via chat or phone.

Of course. However, in this case, we can't give you a refund for the remaining days. Therefore, we recommend that you take your time and enjoy the entire rental period.

Try to return items by the end of the rental period - if an item is not returned, we will have to deduct a fee from your card for every overdue day. Make sure to timely warn us about extending the rental period, otherwise the customer who has already ordered the item after you won't be able to receive it.

Yes, you can do a partial return if you rent more than one item.

Order and payment

We work without a deposit, but in special cases we may ask for one - for example, if you don't pass a document check. The amount of the deposit is determined based on Sumsub service recommendations. The deposit return may take up to 30 days, the timeframe depends on the bank that issued the card.

Yes, you can change your order if it hasn't already been passed on to delivery. You can change rental dates, sizes, add accessories and other styles or change your delivery address and time. You cannot make changes to an order that is already at the delivery stage.

A promo code may not be applied for several reasons: it has expired, the composition of your order does not meet the terms of the promotion or the code was entered incorrectly. If none of the reasons apply, please contact us and we'll be sure to help.

In most cases, a promo code is only valid once. However, we're willing to meet you halfway and give you a discount on your next order.

The promo code can be applied in the cart at the checkout stage. The order amount will be recalculated automatically.

Check if you have enough money on your card. If that doesn't help, contact your bank's customer service.

First, make sure there's no mistake in the card numbers: check the card number, expiration date, name, and CVC. If everything is correct, but the card is still not linked, please contact us - we will do our best to help you!

In the case of order cancellation for an entire order or an individual item, the refund can be made in up to 30 days, the crediting period depends on the card issuer. When returning a purchased item, the refund period is counted from the moment the manager confirms the return.

Yes, you can cancel your order at any time before you receive it. If the courier has already left and you need to cancel the order, you will have to pay for the delivery. This is 80 AED for Dubai area.

Yes, of course. We can made write-off from your linked card once the fitting and delivery are complete.

The order amount will be deducted from your bank card after the delivery is confirmed. After successful payment you will get a receipt with order information.

No, we only accept bank cards.

Sure. Just choose a different card at checkout or link a new one.

Payment for the order is made after delivery and fitting are complete. In order to pay you will need to link a bank card from which the order amount will be charged. You can do this in your personal account or when placing an order.

We do not store or share your card details with third parties. Payments are made via Stripe online acquiring service. The payment process is protected by PCI DSS technology, which means complete safety from intruders.

You can link your card on the second step of order placement or by going to My Cards section in your personal account. In order to link the card, you need to enter the card data in the form and click Confirm. At the moment of card linking 1 AED will be charged, which will be returned within 5 working days. Added card, if necessary, can be unlinked from your Personal Account.

Our service works on a subscription model; therefore you would have to link your card to pay for orders. Thus, you can extend the rental at any moment or purchase the rented item. After a successful payment a receipt is sent to your email.

The order number can be viewed in your personal account on the "My Orders" page, or in the letter that arrives to your email box after your order is placed.


We take great care to ensure that every item presented is available for rent. On rare occasions, however, an item may return late from a previous customer or fail a quality check when the order is assembled. In this case, we can find you a suitable replacement.

First, check the size chart in the item card. If you still have doubts, you can try items on upon delivery - fitting is free, and the courier will wait for up to 20 minutes.

The rent per day is calculated based on the retail value of each item.

The rental will be over as soon as the courier picks up the items. At the end of the rental, you will need to confirm the return with an SMS code, which will be sent on the mobile number specified during the registration.

Yes it is. However, the booking can be made no more than 1-2 months in advance. In order to make a long-term booking, select the appropriate item and specify the required dates when placing your order.

Soon we'll add a publicly available booking calendar where you can see what dates an item is available to rent. However, in the meantime, you can contact us - we'll be sure to tell you.

Rentals can be extended for a new term through your personal account or through the Customer Support. If you do not renew your rental before the end of the initial term and do not return the items on time, your card will be charged per every day of delay and equal the daily rental cost. Make sure to inform us in time. Otherwise the customer who had already ordered the item after you would not be able to receive it.

Yes, you can shorten or extend the rental period. You can also do a partial return if you rent more than one item.

We offer rentals for up to 3 months. Terms of 4 and 8 days are ideal for events and special occasions. We recommend making a delivery 1-2 days in advance so you have time to prepare for the event.

The minimum rental period for one item is 4 days. Days are counted from the moment the item is delivered.

Registration and personal account

Add them to your favorites by clicking on the heart in the item card. It's a convenient way to keep track of the things you like.

Usually, we block a personal account in case of suspicious activity, in order to avoid fraud, additionally notifying you by email. If there is any error, please contact us.

In order to log in or register to get access to a Personal Account, click on the profile icon in the upper right corner of the website and enter your cell phone number. You'll receive an SMS with a confirmation code, which you'll need to enter at the next authorization step. After successful confirmation the Personal Account menu will be available by clicking on the profile icon. Note that the Personal Account is assigned to one phone number only. Therefore, you should authorize from the number you specified when you first logged in to the Personal Account.

If you forgot the phone number you specified when registering, or the phone is no longer available for some reason - do not get upset. Leave us a message in the chat or contact us by phone. We'll help you restore the data from the old account.

That's okay. You can change your email in your Personal Account. You can't change your phone number yourself, as you will need to contact us and we'll do it for you. However, please note that if you change your old phone number, you will only be able to enter your personal account with the new phone number.

That's okay. You can change your email in your Personal Account. You can't change your phone number yourself, as you will need to contact us and we'll do it for you. However, please note that if you change your old phone number, you will only be able to enter your personal account with the new phone number.

Given the high retail value of the listed fashion items and the associated risks, only verified customers who have confirmed their passport data can rent them. In order to successfully pass the verification, you must be over 18 years old and have your ID that meets the verification requirements. During verification you will be asked to take a photo of the first two pages of your passport and take a selfie. Do not give the data of your relatives or friends – otherwise your authorization will be declined. The information is processed in accordance with Personal Data Protection Laws, it is not stored on our servers and is not passed to third parties. Sumsub service is used for verification.

You can register by clicking on the profile icon in the upper right corner of the website or from the shopping cart at checkout. In order to register you will need to enter your cell phone number. You will need to confirm your phone number with an SMS code - this is proof that the number belongs to you. After registering, you will need to go through a document check in order to make a rental order.

Bonus program

Go to your Personal Account and follow to the "Loyalty Program" page. There you can also monitor your history of accruals.

Yes! We give 100 bonus points annually to Gold tier owners and 200 points to Platinum tier owners.

No, bonuses cannot be exchanged for money.

No, there are no bonuses for refunds.

Bonuses are not credited for promotional items, discounted items and delivery service.

No, bonuses and promo codes cannot be used together.

No, bonuses can be used to pay no more than 30% of the purchase or service price. Bonuses cannot be used to pay for delivery.

Bonuses are deducted at checkout. In order to do this, select the Spend points option in the Bag.

All collected bonuses stay with you forever - you can continue to accumulate them at any time.

Bonuses are credited 3 days after returning the rented clothes. You can use the bonuses immediately after they are credited.

You move to the next level of the loyalty program by accumulating bonus points. In order to reach the Gold level, the total amount of your accumulated points must be 1,000, for the Platinum level - 2,000. Accumulated bonuses are collected from all past purchases since the start of participation. When bonus points are deducted, you do not need to reconfirm your status - the level you have reached will be reserved.

The program has three levels: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Members with the Silver level get 10% cashback on their purchases, Gold level - 15%, and Platinum level - 20%. Cashback comes in the form of bonus points..

In order to activate the loyalty program, just make an order at Cloudset – and up to 20% of its value will return to you in the form of rewards.

The loyalty program allows you to get the cashback of up to 20% in the form of bonus points for every order. For example, if you place an order for 175 AED, you will receive 17,5 bonus points = 17,5 AED. Points can be used to pay 30% of the total new order cost. 1 bonus point equals 1 AED.


No, you cannot exchange the item. You can return your purchase within 7 days of receipt and place a new order. The money will be returned to your card within 30 days, the time period depends on the bank that issued the card.

Cleaning and care

When placing an order, select the "Add Protection" option under the items list. The order amount will be automatically recalculated. Complete the order checkout. Protection will take effect as soon as you receive the items.

If items have been significantly damaged or stained during the rental period, up to 90% of the cost of repairs or complicated dry cleaning will be paid by Cloudset. In order to do this, you need to select the Protection option when placing your order. The cost of protection will be equal to 20% of the order amount.

Significant damage is a tear in the fabric; difficult to remove or non-removable stains; a noticeable absence of decorative elements. It is a wear-and-tear that will require substantial repairs and complex dry cleaning. Significant damage can be insured against by selecting the Protect option at checkout.

Minor damage covers minor defects arising from the items usage. These defects would require standard dry-cleaning services within 250 AED range (cosmetic and concealer marks, scuffs, removable food/alcohol stains) or minor cosmetic repairs (a torn button, broken zipper, ripped seam, lost sequins - if the dress is intricately embellished).

If the item is slightly damaged, you shouldn’t worry. There's no need to wash it or repair it, Cloudset will fix everything. Dry cleaning and minor repairs are already included in the rental price. The cost of fixing minor damage is our responsibility. In order to protect your belongings from significant damage, loss or theft, choose the Protection option at checkout - with it you'll pay up to 10% of the damage amount.

No, changing the appearance of the item is not allowed. This would be considered as damage to the item, and the would have to pay for it.

We steam items thoroughly before delivery and make sure they don't get wrinkled on the way. If a garment does get wrinkled, a steamer set at the lowest temperature will help remove the wrinkles. If you don't have a steamer, contact us and we'll suggest the best way to iron the garment.

You don't have to clean things yourself - we'll do it all for you! Don't worry, even if a stain is left on your clothes, dry cleaning is already included into the rental price.

All of our packaging, including bags, pouches, bags and hangers, is thoroughly cleaned after each use. The cleaning process is also designed to eliminate influenza viruses and COVID-19.

All our items are stored and delivered in textile cotton packaging, a sturdy fabric bag made from organic cotton. This is cotton grown without the use of pesticides, fertilizers and with minimal use of pollutants, which meets such international standards as OCS (Organic Content Standard) and GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard). These bags and of varying degrees of density are easy to carry, have a large carrying capacity, are durable and allow air to pass through. The material is reusable and easy to clean and handle. When delivered in bad weather, items are additionally packed in waterproof thick bags.

After each rental, we clean eyeglasses and jewelry with a 70% isopropyl alcohol solution; bags and accessory packaging are cleaned with a universal disinfectant.

After most rentals, items are thoroughly dry-cleaned and hand-cleaned professionally using biodegradable detergents. Most garments are steamed at 120° C to 150° C for additional cleaning of dirt and viruses. Dry cleaning services are provided by our partner Washmen.

Each item and accessory is carefully inspected by the cleaning advisor to make sure it is ready for rental. Items are inspected for damage, quality of cleaning, and repaired if necessary (for example, if a button has come off or a seam has come apart).