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Delivery and returns

What if my rental period ends on a holiday?
How do I return an item that I bought?
Can I ask another person to receive my order for me or make a refund?
What delivery intervals are available?
How much does shipping cost?
Can the item be damaged in transit?
Can I order delivery to an address other than my home address?
How do I get my order?
Can I get the same-day returns?
Do you have delivery in UAE?
Is there a fitting option and how much does it cost?
If none of the items fit, can I cancel the order?
Can I request for a same-day delivery?
How do I return the rented items?
Can I return an item early?
What happens if I don't return an item by the deadline?
Can I return one item and renew the other?

Order and payment

Do I have to pay a security deposit when I rent?
Can I make changes to the order?
Why might the promo code not be applied?
I used a promo code and canceled the order. What shall I do?
How to apply a promo code?
Why was my bank card payment declined?
Why isn't my card linked?
How long will it take to get the funds back on my card if I cancel my order?
Can I cancel my order?
Is it possible to pay for the rental after receiving the item?
When will the funds be deducted from the card?
Do you accept cash?
Can I pay for my order with another card instead of a linked one?
How do I pay for my order?
How secure is my data when I pay by card?
How do I link my bank card?
Why do I need to link my bank card?
Where can I see the order number?


Why might an item in my order be unavailable?
How do I know if the item will fit me?
Why do items have different rental costs for the equivalent number of days?
How do I stop the rental?
Is it possible to book a rental far in advance?
How do I know if something is available on the dates I want?
How do I renew my rental?
Can I change my rental term?
What is the maximum rental period?
What is the minimum period for an item rental?

Registration and personal account

How do I save the things I like for potential future rentals?
Why is my personal account blocked?
How do I enter my personal account?
What if I can't access the phone number linked to my account?
What if I entered the wrong phone number or email?
After you register, you need to have your documents checked. What do I need to do?
How do I register on the website?

Bonus program

How do I know my bonus balance?
Are there any extra bonuses for my birthday?
Can I exchange bonuses for cash?
Are bonuses accrued on refunds?
Which items and services don't accrue bonuses?
Can I use bonuses together with promo codes?
Can I pay the full amount of my purchase with bonuses?
How to spend the bonuses?
How long do the accumulated bonuses remain valid?
When will I get my bonuses?
How does the transition to the next loyalty level happen?
What levels are there in the loyalty program?
How do I become a member of the program?
What does the loyalty program provide?


Can I exchange the item I bought for a different style or size?

Cleaning and care

How do I get Protection?
What does the Protection include?
What is significant damage?
What is minor damage?
What happens if an item is damaged, lost or stolen?
Can clothing be hemmed?
Will I need to iron the delivered items?
Do I have to do laundry or cleaning by myself?
How often do you clean the package?
How are the orders packaged?
How do you clean your accessories?
How do you clean clothing?
How do you check clothing before delivery?