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Each order comes with bonus points
In order to activate the loyalty program, just place an order at Cloudset - up to 20% of order value will return to you in bonuses, which can be spent to pay for new orders or collected for special loyalty rewards. Points are credited the day after returning the rented clothing and 7 days after purchase.
1 bonus point = 10 AED
All accumulated bonuses are non-expiring - you can continue to accumulate them at any time
The more points, the bigger the cashback
From first order
Silver level

10% cashback

From 5,000 points
Gold level
15% cashback

+1,000 birthday points

From 10,000 points
Platinum level
20% cashback

+3,000 birthday points

  • Bonus points can be used to pay up to 50% of the cost of the order, irrespective of the order amount
  • Transition to the next level occurs by accumulating points
  • Points are not credited for promotional items and items that come with a discount
  • Points cannot be applied together with promo codes
What does the loyalty program provide?

The loyalty program allows you to get the cashback of up to 20% in the form of bonus points for every order. For example, if you place an order for 175 AED, you will receive 10 points for every 100 AED of purchases, i.e. 17,5 points. Points can be used to pay for up to half of the total new order cost. 1 bonus point equals 10 AED.

How do I become a member of the program?

In order to activate the loyalty program, just make an order at Cloudset – and up to 20% of its value will return to you in the form of rewards.

What levels are there in the loyalty program?

The program has three levels: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Members with the Silver level get 10% cashback on their purchases, Gold level - 15%, and Platinum level - 20%. Cashback comes in the form of bonus points.

How does the transition to the next loyalty level happen?

You move to the next level of the loyalty program by accumulating bonus points. In order to reach the Gold level, the total amount of your accumulated points must be 5,000, for the Platinum level - 10,000. Accumulated bonuses are collected from all past purchases since the start of participation. When bonus points are deducted, you do not need to reconfirm your status - the level you have reached will be reserved.

When will I get my bonuses?

Bonuses are credited three days after the order is placed. You can use the bonuses immediately after they are credited.

How long do the accumulated bonuses remain valid?

All collected bonuses stay with you forever - you can continue to accumulate them at any time.

How to spend the bonuses?

Bonuses are deducted at checkout. In order to do this, select the Spend points option in the Bag.

Can I pay the full amount of my purchase with bonuses?

No, bonuses can be used to pay no more than 30% of the purchase or service price. Bonuses cannot be used to pay for delivery.

Can I use bonuses together with promo codes?

No, bonuses and promo codes cannot be used together.

Which items and services don't accrue bonuses?

Bonuses are not credited for promotional items, discounted items and delivery service.

Are bonuses accrued on refunds?

No, there are no bonuses for refunds.

Can I exchange bonuses for cash?

No, bonuses cannot be exchanged for money.

Are there any extra bonuses for my birthday?

Yes! We give 1,000 bonus points annually to Gold tier owners and 3,000 points to Platinum tier owners.

How do I know my bonus balance?

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