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Payment and delivery
Free delivery within Dubai for orders at 350 AED and more

The courier will give time to try items on. If the selection doesn't fit, you can return it immediately.

The rental price includes returns, dry cleaning and minor repairs. For orders under 350 AED, order decline or cancellation at the delivery stage incurs charges of 60 AED.

We offer same-day delivery if the order is placed on weekdays before 02:00pm*
Express delivery within 3 hours – 200 AED*

* Only if couriers are available. Unfortunately, not all couriers are always available, especially on holidays. However, if you really need something, we can come up with a solution.

Pickup point with a fitting room

Pickup and on-the-spot fitting is done by appointment. You can pick up an order yourself between Monday and Friday, from 10:00 am to 06:00pm.

Delivery from local stores.

Delivery time is 4 to 14 days. The shipping cost for all orders outside Dubai is 200 AED. If you cancel your order after the goods are shipped out of the region, the shipping fee will be charged at 200 AED. For delivery of items for sale in other regions, you can contact our Customer Service.


Our service offers a subscription model, which would require you to link your card details to pay for orders. This is necessary for rental extensions or item buyouts. After a successful payment a receipt with the order information is sent to your email. We do not store and pass your card details to third parties. Payment is made via a Stripe online acquiring service. The payment process is protected by PCI DSS, which guarantees safety against intruders.

We work without a deposit, but in some cases we might require it - for example, if a client doesn't pass a document check. The deposit amount is determined based on the recommendations of the Sumsub service. The deposit refund can take up to 30 days, the timeframes will depend on the bank that issued the card.


Returning the rented items is simple: just request a return through your personal account or the Support Service. Returns, like the deliveries, are free. We will pick up clothes in Dubai on the same day if you request for a return before 02:00 pm Dubai time

Purchased items can be returned no later than 7 days after receiving your order. After checking the item condition, the money will be returned to your card.

Can I get the same-day returns?

Yes, if you call the courier before 02:00pm. Same-day returns are available only in Dubai

What if my rental period ends on a holiday?

Don't worry, we'll make sure to pick up the order! Our couriers continue to work with the returns on holidays

How do I return an item that I bought?

You can request for a purchase return from your personal account, through the Helpdesk, or match returns with the rental order delivery. The terms for purchased items returns is 7 days from the date of the order receipt.

Can I ask another person to receive my order for me or make a refund?

Third-party receipt is acceptable if the items in the order are placed for a buyout. Orders for rental can only be accepted or returned by the person in whose name the order was placed. Given the high retail value of items and the associated risks of non-returns, only verified customers who have confirmed their identity can rent items. Moreover, keep in mind that at the moment of the item receipt you will need to tell the courier the confirmation code, which will have arrived to the phone number specified in the registration.

Can I keep the packaging in which the item was delivered?

Sure. If you like our bag or case, you can keep it :) However, we recommend returning the orders in our original signature packaging - this way you reduce the risks of damage in transit and help us avoid the burden of unsustainable and excess packaging

Can the item be damaged in transit?

All orders are delivered in our original packaging, which helps to keep the items clean and tidy. We carefully inspect your order before handing it over for delivery, but we recommend checking it upon receipt. If you identify damage, return the item to the courier or contact us - we'll do everything we can to help.

Can I order delivery to an address other than my home address?

Yes, you can choose any convenient address. For example, you can order delivery to your office or to the hotel.

How do I get my order?

In order to receive your order, you need to confirm it to the courier with an SMS code. The code will arrive to the phone number you specified when completing the registration. You do not need to sign any additional documents If you have already gone through the document verification when placing the order.

When will I receive my order?

After completing the order you will be notified via email with the confirmed date and time of delivery. You can also track the status of your order in your Personal Account or specify the delivery time via customer support chat or by phone.

Do you have delivery in UAE?

Currently, we only deliver orders in Dubai area and other emirates for resale. However, rental delivery in UAE will definitely appear in the near future.

How much does shipping cost?

Delivery is free and is already included in the order price. However, the minimum order amount is 150 AED. If the courier has already left the fulfillment center and has to be cancelled, the delivery cost will have to be paid. It amounts to 80 AED rubles In Dubai.

Can I return one item and renew the other?

Yes, you can do a partial return if you rent more than one item.

What happens if I don't return an item by the deadline?

Try to return items by the end of the rental period - if an item is not returned, we will have to deduct a fee from your card for every overdue day. Make sure to timely warn us about extending the rental period, otherwise the customer who has already ordered the item after you won't be able to receive it.

Can I return an item early?

Of course. However, in this case, we can't give you a refund for the remaining days. Therefore, we recommend that you take your time and enjoy the entire rental period.

How do I return the rented items?

Returning rented items is very simple: just call our courier at a convenient time. The returns, like the deliveries are free. We recommend returning clothes, bags and accessories in our original packaging. Fold your items and hand them over to the courier. Done! You can make a request for a return in the Orders section of your personal account, or by contacting us via chat or phone.

Can I request for a same-day delivery?

Yes, we will deliver items on the day of order request if the order is placed before 03:00 pm and the delivery is within Dubai. Orders placed after 03:00 pm are delivered on the next day.

If none of the items fit, can I cancel the order?

Yes, just give all the items back to the courier. You would only have to pay the delivery fee.

Is there a fitting option and how much does it cost?

Try-on is free of charge. The courier will wait for up to 20 minutes. You can reject items that don't fit and pay only for the ones you like.

What delivery intervals are available?

We deliver orders daily from 10:00 am to 08:00 pm.

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